A Shortcut to WE: Through Music and Ubuntu by Barbara Nussbaum   Leave a comment



Groups are limited to 8

Date:    Saturday, March 17, 2012

Venue: 1919 Meiners Road, Meiners Oaks

Cost:   $40

Time:  10 a.m. till 1 p.m.

To register: Contact barbara.nussbaum@gmail.com

Registration essential as there 10 minutes of preparation to complete before the session


Barbara Nussbaum was born in Zimbabwe and educated in South Africa, and holds graduate degrees, from the London School of Economics in the UK and Drexel University in USA.  She is the author of 3 books, author of numerous articles and a global spokesperson for Ubuntu, an African idea, which calls forth communally expressed humanity. Her workshops use music to promote conscious learning and deepen connection between people.  The purpose is to help delegates find the I in the WE and the We in the I. Barbara combines two elements – the intangible qualities of music and Ubuntu, to get to the felt experience of BEING in a group.

This is an experiential session .Prior to the group, you will be sent a one pager, to select a track of music to bring. The first step begins by discovering how to consciously name and claim the “I” in the music, and to prepare to share it, from a place of authenticity and courage.

Different channels of appreciation are opened up. It is safe, and the sensitive facilitation paves the way for deep listening and sharing to happen.  The combination of the music and lived Ubuntu builds a joyful and beautiful dynamic in the group. People listen the intention: to see the other, to feel the other – to celebrate what is unique about each person, and to then sense what is unifying. We become more of who we are because each person is seen, celebrated and affirmed by the group. The music wakes up deeper levels of our listening and our humanity.

Why it works:


For Yo Yo Ma, the famous cellist: Music is one of the ways we can achieve a kind of shorthand to understand each other.” so it helps us connect with each other in groups. We add the awareness of Ubuntu to the mix, and delegates experience connection with each other, which wakes up communal consciousness – the felt, and palpable feeling of “WE” that many yearn for.


This workshop will:

  • change the way you listen to music and yourself.
  • deepen the way you listen to others through music
  • shift and elevate group dialogue
  • quickly build resonance in a team or group


“Barbara’s workshop is beyond delightful.  It is a treat for body mind and spirit.  I found it relaxing and energizing on a deep and profound level.   Her insights as to how to use music to enhance daily life and personal aspirations was clearly miraculous.  Don’t miss the opportunity to work with this gifted teacher.” Rev. Marilyn Miller, Ojai, California

“It was a great joy to be part of your workshop today.  It provided a beautiful container for being connected in the heart with others in a very brief time through the music. I felt heard, seen and discovered deeper insights about myself through the intentional listening and reflection of my chosen music. It was also very enriching to experience and reflect on the music of others.” 

Lisa B. Holistic Health Practitioner, Ojai, California

“I speak from my experiences with her, that Barbara takes people and their music places they have never been before, leaving a lasting impression.” Dr. Leland Kaiser,  Founder Kaiser Institute, Denver; CO; Health Futurist: Faculty Member Spiritual Leadership Institute, Houston, TX

“Barbara’s special blend of insight, empathy and ability to ‘connect’ is the perfect skill set to ensure that her innovative process works. My team were deeply moved and enthused and the ‘ music album’ we created has ensured that we have carried those feelings long past the excellent team building event.”  David Storey, CEO The Resolve Group, Johannesburg, South Africa


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